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The PFA is an excellent organisation to join for people who want to find out how to do something at the sharp end. Rather than concentrating on the theoretical side of fundraising and giving overviews, it shows you how to get on with the job and achieve results. If you want to learn how to actually get something done, the PFA is the place to be.
Helen Knowles
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Boycott Freepost Campaign

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If you use a FREEPOST envelope service for your supporters, telling them to use a stamp as it will save you money is no longer true – the sorting machines Royal Mail introduced in 2005 will just put even stamped FREEPOST envelopes into the chargeable batch as with the non stamped ones.  Even crossing out the FREEPOST line WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.  This is a major reduction in service from Royal Mail who are making no effort to do anything about it.


They must have received hundreds of thousands of pounds from double payment of envelopes over the 3 years.  They are making no effort to sort the problem out, I think it is time to contact MPs to begin to embarrass Royal Mail into doing something to offer the right service to charities.


Your MP can be written to at - House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


If you want to go one step further, why not support our BOYCOTT FREEPOST campaign – send envelopes to your supporters but add on the following message –


“Please use a stamp – we no longer use FREEPOST as Royal Mail now charge all good causes EVEN when you put a stamp on the envelope – support charities who Boycott Freepost until Royal Mail treat charities fairly.”


Hopefully the day TNT Post and others offer a FREEPOST service which accommodates charities’ needs will not be far off.


Sign up below to support the BOYCOTT FREEPOST CAMPAIGN.



Organisations signed up to Boycott Freepost


The following organisations have already signed up to support the campaign in its first hours -


Farplace Animal Rescue

Concern Worldwide


The Practical Fundraising Association

Headway Devon

Tribute to African Children

Philippine Nurses Association of UK

Disability Essex

Save The Children North East Development Team

The Rock Trust

Support the Boycott Freepost Campaign

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